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Posted by Mark Stowe on January 01, 1998 at 17:46:11:

hello everyone

something that i would feel would be of great use to many
QS users would be the ability to integrate the
appropriate patches into the corresponding MIDI file
so that one does not have to worry about swapping banks,
keeping track of sounds (i.e. "where the heck did that
patch for this song go?") and soforth. is there a way
that this could be accomplished -- some small bits of
data at the beginning of each MIDI file to give the
specific patch information and perhaps other related
things so that everything would be conveniently
efficient =)?

i'm certain i heard of a way to do this before, but
forgot where it was that mentioned this. please forgive
me for my ignorance, and please do e-mail me if you have
an answer to this query... =)


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