QS8 and Orchestrator Plus

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Posted by Jaimes on December 16, 1997 at 20:02:28:

I have a problem getting the QS8 and my Dell Latitude LM (Windows 95, Orchestrator Plus, 16 MB Mem) to talk to each other.
"Alesis Driver not recognised - RETRY?)"
This also happens when I try to listen to wavs and other sounds, although I can hear the modem dialing so the Dell soundboard is fine.
Playing wavs, CDs, etc., was no problem until I loaded the Orchestrator software.
I've reloaded the driver several times without success.
All wired up properly and it doesn't seem logical that a cable is the problem.
I'm not using a midi box because I can use a din-8 serial to connect directly to the Dell.
Any suggestions? Is there something in the Windows softare I need to shut off?
Thanks for any help, please e-mail me as I am traveling often and can't get to this forum as often as I'd like.

--Jaimes ---->jaimes@usa.net

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