I accidently erased my user banks!! How can I restore them?!

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Posted by Paul T. Barrette on November 23, 1997 at 01:02:05:

I've had my QS8 for about a week and I just purchased Opcode's Vision for my MAC. I was using Opcode's patch librarian Galaxy to set up the names of the patches I want to use in Vision and I accidently erased my user programs and mixes in the process. How can I restore the user programs and mixes that came with the synth? I know that there are sysex copies of the QS8's banks stored on the bundled Alesis CD-ROM that came with the keyboard, but I have no clue as to restore all of the factory pre-set user banks. Can any one help me with this problem? Do I need to buy a S-RAM card if I ever want to hear the bundled user programs and mixes again?

I'm so embarassed!
Thanks for your time.


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