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Posted by Mark Stowe on November 20, 1997 at 21:19:55:

hi everyone

i was just wondering how i could make a type of vinyl
-crackling patch that could run in the background
throughout an entire song of mine and instantly make it
sound lo-fi by introducing that kewl, unclean noise in
the background -- oh, i have a QS8. does anyone know how
to do such a thing =)? i want a patch that doesn't make
much special use of the onboard FX but sounds great
by itself and a little reverb, if possible ;-). any

also, after making all those neat patches on the Alesis
included CD-ROM, why don't those folks at Alesis make
anymore? i'd like to find more patches, but i am appalled
at how many 3rd-party Roland XP-50 patches, say, there
are compared to Alesis Q-series ones...!

oh yea, if you have an answer to any one of my above
problems, please e-mail me, as this forum page is getting
kinda large now (54k last time i checked), and it's
causing me a darn trouble to load! THANK YOU!



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