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Posted by Rick on August 27, 1997 at 08:40:59:

In Reply to: Re: Will trade FlashRAM for SRAM posted by Jeff on August 23, 1997 at 08:04:16:

I agree. Here is a bit of advice to someone looking to add banks to their machine.
If you just want to add banks of sounds... go with an SRAM card.
If you want to mess with samples and create new sounds...go with Flash Ram.

: Rick,

: Just had to put in my two cents. I wish I had found this list too! I ordered the flash ram card from the rebate also because I had thought it would not only allow storage of sequences, but also banks of programs and mixes.

: IMHO the flash ram cards, and this "feature" of the QS7/8 keyboards is not really all that great. It seems like many people have problems with stored sequences and are somewhat unpleasantly surprised by the limitation of how they can store banks on them. And I haven't read much (or paid much attention to) how people use them for storing samples. In my case, I can't even store mixes and programs on the card at all (Soundbridge won't let me--I've sent the problem to Alesis, and still no word back yet).

: Of course not everybody is a "Joe Average" keyboard player like myself. Some people like to tweak and hack and experiment. And, to a certain point you have to be willing to put that time in to take full advantage of the technology. But I like to turn the thing on and make music! So I really think for the average QS7/8 user, the card to ask for with their offer is the sram card. Especially since you can't store many user mixes and programs directly on the synth, you need some aux storage.

: The QS7 instrument is a very nice synth indeed. I have been able to get some nice big sounds out of it, and have gotten good comments from others on the keyboard. But, to me (my own opinion), the system just seems to be a little buggy to use, especially the flash ram card feature.

: So, to anyone pondering which card to ask for -- if I were going to advise a "Joe Average" user like myself, I'd say get the sram card so you can store more mixes and programs. Keep it simple starting out. There's pleanty of room to grow with this keyboard.

: ...Sorry....guess this was more than two cents. But if I were shopping again, I wouldn't mind someone telling me this. (Should I brace for flames?) :)

: "Joe A."

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