2 Cakewalk/QS8 Questions

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Posted by Jeff Donnici on August 26, 1997 at 01:47:31:

I've sent this question to the "normal" list once already, but it didn't show up... let's try it again.


Hi Gang,

I'm (finally) getting started now with some sequencing projects with Cakewalk and my new QS8. I am, for now, using Cakewalk Pro Audio 5.0 -- but version 6.0 is already shipped to me and should be in my hands Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, I've got two questions that I hope are fairly simple to answer...

1 - How do I configure either the QS8 or Cakewalk to correctly handle bank changes? I've got an SRAM card in the QS8 with the 8 banks from the CD, so there are several banks in the machine. When I edit a Mix and am on Channel 1, for example, I can select any Program on the machine for Channel 1 of that Mix. When I go to the Patch column in Cakewalk, however, any value I enter (or if I use the + and - keys) will take the QS8 to the user bank. I've loaded the Instrument Definition Files from Les' MIDIWORLD web site and I'm selecting various banks in the Bank column within Cakewalk. Regardless of which bank is selected in that column, however, changing the value in the Patch column brings me back to the User Bank. Not much point of having the IDF files in Cakewalk for me now... :-) I'm guessing that there's some configuration option I have set incorrectly in Cakewalk... Any ideas?

2 - Do Instrument Definition Files (used by Cakewalk) exist for those 8 QS8 banks that are included on the Alesis CD-ROM? I think it's great that someone put them together for the factory banks, but I'm wondering if anyone (perhaps from Alesis?) has done the same for those banks (are these the "Expando" banks I see referred to?). If not, does anyone have a file with a LIST of the patches in electronic form? If so, I don't mind tweaking it into an IDF file for the rest of the world. I've noticed that people have put together patch lists for the various QCards, so maybe someone's done something similar for these other banks. If not, I guess I'll just have to do them by hand... and then send them off to Les for the web site.

Thanks for the help!

-- Jeff

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