MIDI connection trouble with original QS

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Posted by Angel Domínguez on August 24, 1997 at 07:57:45:

Hi again folks...

... again, I need your help... I'll explain to you:

A few months ago, I had my QS connected to a PC with a Sound Blaster 16,
with a Midi interface... I used Cakewalk Pro Audio 4.0 and everything was
fine... I composed sequences using the Midi transmitting mode "OUT 01" in
my QS... When I selected another channel, such as midi channel 4, in
CakeWalk, when I played on my QS, it transmitted and played the program
on channel 4, although it was in mode "OUT 01"... But that was great for
me... Now, I'm using a different computer, but it's almost the same as
the previous one... It's a Pentium 166 with 32 Mb RAM, and a SB16 with
the very same midi interface i was using before... ... and the same
Cakewalk Pro Audio... But now it does not work as it did... Now the "OUT
01" mode doesn't work... I can only use the "CH SOLO" mode; but that's
not everything...
When i press "record" on cakewalk and it begins playing the recorded
notes, as well as recording what i play live, it doesn't work properly...
I cannot listen all of the notes i play in that moment, and my QS says:
"HUH?" and gets blocked... I'm desperate, and tired of trying... I've
tried to set the Midi Echo to "None", "Auto", "Manual".... I don't know
what happens... everything was fine before....

I hope you can help me... I guess the problem will be caused by a little
stupid thing, but i haven't found it out yet...

Thanx in advance,


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