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Posted by Sedat on February 26, 1998 at 07:38:54:

In Reply to: S4 vs S4+ vs QSR posted by Chuck Willis on October 27, 1997 at 17:45:46:

: I am selling my original Quadrasynth because I have too
: many keyboards. I like the sounds, however, so I am
: going to buy a rackmount version. My question is,
: should I get a S4, S4+, or QSR? I don't know that
: there is all that much difference between these units.
: I don't need samplebridge (I have a k2000 that I do
: sampling on) or a serial interface and that seems to
: be about that only major differences among these units,
: though the s4+ has an extra 4 megs of ROM... Are these
: samples any good, and is the effects on the S4+/QSR
: much better than the ones on the S4? Your help here
: is greatly appreciated.
: Chuck

I own an S4+, QS6 and a QSR. The Main and I believe
only difference is the amount of samples. The S4+
has 12Megs and it has a verry warm sound.
The QS6 has 8Megs and the QSR has 16Megs.
Both of them are sounding a bit colder in comparison
to the S4+. The Patches are all compatible
together. You just have to reassign some samples
because of the different sample structure. After
a testing period I decided to keep the QSR and
sell the S4+ and QS6.

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