QS7 Card & Cubasis problems

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Posted by Kerry Mack on August 09, 1997 at 21:48:28:

I am having problems with the Cubasis app. on the CDROM that comes with the QS7/8. The hookup seems to be right - can see
the In/Out buttons light up, but can't hear any sound. Fiddled with Local Off on the QS, Midi Thru, etc. I thought after reading the manual
that I could play the QS and have it send Midi signals to Cubasis for track creation. Some of the Cubasis manual instructions for setting
Track output to Modem, any Midi Channel, etc are not supported by the software (pulldown menus do not have the referred to settings).
And (seperate problem): when I tried Soundbridge instead, it worked! However, the manual said the card can be used for storing samples
or writing to from the QS, and not both. It said to use the Erase card function to be able to revert back to a QS writable card. I did
that, and now when I try to store to the card get the error message: "Not QS Bank. Use Save to Card". Does this mean the card can only
be used now and forever for Soundbridge transfers???

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