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Posted by Jaimes on December 16, 1997 at 19:49:09:

In Reply to: Re: QS8 "lemons" posted by Dave Kitabjian on December 16, 1997 at 14:30:41:

I experience this definite split at Middle C and have recorded it on tape to prove to the dealer that this occurs. I could be playing something and it's as if someone powers the unit down. Upon playing scales, the bottom half is clearly a 1/2 note or more off (down) from the upper half. Shutting down and reinitialising the software sometimes helps.
My unit has always rested on solid ground: A very sturdy, non-moveable table (weighs about 50 pounds) and non-bending. What I noticed helps to fix this problem is to adjust the humidity level in the room.
Of course, I live in a humid country, so air-conditioning can be a saviour especially when it rains. Once the humidity level is lowered, this problem happens less frequently but STILL happens. Also, at times the QS8 will switch to PNOVOX all by itself. Any suggestions?!


First time at this forum. It's great!


: I just called Alesis Tech Support about this questions.

: They said that the problem was with using the QS8 on an "X" stand. This can cause a gentle bowing of the keyboard resulting in altered action in the middle of the keyboard.

: That's apparently why they beefed up the construction a few months back. However, he still suggested using a full-support stand anyway, just to be sure.

: Dave K
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: : I recently did an internet search for info re the QS8, as I've decided to buy one. There was much discussion on a couple of the newsgroups re a bad "batch" of the keyboards, on which the piano sounds were adversely affected, particularly in the two octaves of Middle C.

: : Charlie Tilson
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