Re: QS6 - AMD flash card & cakewalk5.0 sequences

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Posted by Gary R. Hook on December 04, 1997 at 15:33:51:

In Reply to: Re: QS6 - AMD flash card & cakewalk5.0 sequences posted by Dave on November 21, 1997 at 02:42:21:

: : I have a QS6 and an AMD flash ram card. I have no problem with using
: : Soundbridge 2.0 to flash samples to the card and when I flash seqencees

Interesting: SoundBridge 2.0 on Windoze? Or do you use a Mac
and Windoze both? If you're only using Windoze, I'd (a) like to know
how you got a version of SoundBridge that doesn't exist yet, and (b)
whether you're really using version 1.2

: Hi Dave (from a Dave!)
: Make sure you have saved the sequence as a type0 midi
: file before downloading to the QS6. My first attempts were a
: bit strange until I did this. Also check which mix
: you are using before playback as this will affect

SoundBridge 1.2 on the PC has some serious problems with
certain sequences; it appears to have some dependance upon
the density of events at the beginning of the
file (initial controller/patch&bank changes on all channels,
that sort of thing). Try placing space between the
initial events of the sequence, and be sure to save the
sequence as a type 0 midi (SB converts type 1 to type 0
anyway, I believe).
I've been able to work around any soundbridge problems by
making these changes to any problematic sequences.

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