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Posted by Mark on August 04, 1997 at 22:12:36:

Hi Everybody,

My name is Mark. I am new to this list/forum, however, I’d like to present you with the new Editing program written for QS synths (QS6 7 8 QSR) and invite you all (Windows 95 or NT users) to try it out! To avoid confusion I should mention that this a demo (registration costs 35US) but I am sure that most of you will find this program extremely friendly and useful even if it runs in a demo mode. No more scrolling through the windows to find a slider etc. You can move from one corner of the synth engine to the other with a click of the mouse and you will never get lost even if you are a novice to the QS programming. Extensive copy/paste/undo features have been applied throughout the editor to the special groups of program parameters, single sounds, effects, single mix channels etc. There are built-in librarians for single program sounds, effects that you can save and recall for auditioning with different combinations of programs or mixes. You can scroll through whole contents of QS: all Ram ROM or 16 of the card banks to find desired parameter settings, sounds or effect to copy from and to quickly create desired sounds. I could write a lot here about this truly QS specific editing program and it’s many features and new concepts that has been applied there but I would prefer if you could download and check the program yourself and I will be happy to hear all your comments and suggestions.
The QS SoundEditor 32 is available through the links from:


Unfortunately, I run out of the space to store the program (2.5 meg zip) on my site. Besides the QS SoundEditor I also developed series of editors for Korg 01W family, Korg Wavestation and some others.
I simply run out of space given to me by my IP. If anybody of you can help me to find a "home" for QSEDIT I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, looking forward to your comments.
Phone: (902) 228 2347
Nova Scotia, Canada.


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