Yet another SoundBridge dilemma

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Posted by Dustin McIntyre on October 24, 1997 at 16:00:26:


I've read with interest all the previous questions on the subject of SoundBridge and have one of my own. Has anyone had this experience? : I have my sounds (all drums; all discreetly divided in keymaps to different banks; kicks in 1, snares in two, etc.) all set up in SampleCell. They seem to transfer over fine. All were normalized and are sufficiently "punchy." HOWEVER, almost all the closed hihats and a few crashes, snares and percussion sounds, on separate channels in a mix, have high pitched squealing playing back behind them. At first I thought this might be some kind of weirdness with loop points that were very tight being transferred to the QS+. I checked the orignal files in Sound Designer, Alchemy and SampleCell's editor and they are quite clearly not looped. I used empty edit buffers in programming the QS+ so there shouldn't be any errant high-pitched sine waves in a program being triggered or anything similar in terms of oversight. Also, the drums are individually mapped to play at one pitch one one key, but the squealing tone goes up the chromatic scale, which it would not do were it part of these sample's loop points with their respective tonic notes all assigned to a single root key. I hope this has all made sense and that someone has some idea what kind of simple explanation there may be. Thank you.


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