Alesis Serial device driver problems

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Posted by Rick Unland on October 24, 1997 at 11:31:22:

I have a new (week old) Packard Bell 233 mhz machine.
I have attempted to install the Alesis serial driver
for my QS8 from the cd-rom to enable the keyboard to
work with the serial port. I am not having a good deal
of success with this.

After installation of the device driver through add new
hardward I attempt to set the driver to use com2 as
com1 is reserved in this system. The problem is that
when I go to the drop down box for the com ports,
no com2 is there. The only thing I can set it too is
Disabled or Com1. I have talked with Packard Bell
repeatedly and they have attempted to assist me.
But so far no one has an answer to this.

I also tried the roland serial driver as it states
that the QS8 is compatible with it on their web site.
I installed the driver per instructions then went to
select the com2, worked fine, I then attempted to use
freeloader and soundbridge without success. Freeloader
on attempting to download to the QS8 a sysex file started
to play the keyboard. I had to reset the keyboard afterwards
as it continued to play.

Im really stumped here, I had no problems using the alesis
driver on my laptop or my 486, . But now I cant get the
thing to do anything worthwhile at all.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated,


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