The new drum kits in the 2.0 upgrade

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Posted by Joe Tunon on October 24, 1997 at 08:34:34:

I found the grittier hihat sound I was looking for in the Quadrasynth Plus Piano! It's in one of the extra drum kits found in midi mode, called StrKt1 or something (program 00 in channel 10 in general midi mode). The manual explains that these kits came with 2.0 upgrade. I think it says that these kits are for use only in general MIDI mode by changing the program
number for channel 10. (I'm confused). I'm looking for a way to use this precious hihat with the other drum kits. Are any of these possible:

Can I copy just the hihat from this kit into a user bank?

If I CAN'T do this, then can I use the StdKt1 while using a second drum kit
on another channel, say 11, in general midi? Or are drum kits only usable in
channel 10?

Any other way to do this? (It's so close!)

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