syx dumps and linux/unix

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Posted by Christopher Wall on October 17, 1997 at 14:24:24:

At the risk of making myself look like a fool to those
of us who use UNIX, I have been working today on creating
a simple sysex dump/recieve program. After a while I
realized something important - sysex is a raw format.
This means that
a) you can simply:
cat file.syx > /dev/midi00
to dump the file to your QS
b) you can
cat /dev/midi00 > dump.syx
and initiate a send (store, page> (4x), store)
then ctrl-c when your keyboard is done sending.
c) I was wasting my time (sigh)
I'm probably not the first to realize this, but what
the heck, I'm sure it will help someone :)

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