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Posted by Mark Stowe on October 11, 1997 at 14:00:49:

apart from the numerous extra-bank patches included on
the Alesis CD-ROM, are there any other available sounds
in Sysex or Unisyn Mac format out there that anyone
would be aware of =)? i'd really like to keep my ears
on the fresh edge, because i'm certain there's much more
zany things that can be done with these fantastic
machines! hmmm... does anyone know where i could find
the following patches (if they exist):

-an Aphex Twinesque drum kit (the "Guess" kits come close
but not close enough, i guess...!)
-other assorted techno drum kits (i like the preset 808
and 909 as well as the ones in the techno bank, and
would really like more!)
-the most realistic violin possible... =)
-bagpipes and other ethnic instruments? more ethnic
percussion kits...

thanx very much! it'd really help... =)

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