Re: Having trouble loading midi files into my QS7

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Posted by David Fahrner on September 25, 1997 at 16:07:34:

In Reply to: Having trouble loading midi files into my QS7 posted by Tom Niemi on September 18, 1997 at 13:17:23:


I haven't done much of this, but here's what I've found
so far:

I have been able to load and successfully play back most .MID
sequences into my QS7. Sequences were either created by me
using Voyetra Orchestrator Plus or downloaded from the web
(i.e. unknown origin). The QS7 was in General MIDI mode.
I did have trouble with one of the downloaded sequences.
Symptoms varied: sometimes Soundbridge would report an error,
sometimes not; the sequence would not play back; sometimes
NONE of the sequences would play back; once all sequences
played back sequence #1(?).

I looked at the offending sequence with the Orchestrator
event editor and found that at the beginning of each track,
there were fifteen or twenty continuous controller messages
(controllers 97 and 98, which didn't mean anything to me)
in addition to the normal GM volume, patch, pan, etc.
controller messages that you would expect in a GM .MID file.
When I deleted these controller messages the sequence played
back correctly on the QS7 (and so did all the others downloaded
with it).

As for patch and drum selections, I would start from General
MIDI mode with downloaded sequences, since that is what they
probably are (patches and drum note mapping/channed predefined).
Make sure the QS has GM mode ON, and that the QS has GM Mix 00
selected. Oh yeah, and start the sequences by holding down
the Mix button instead of the Program button (I did that for
an hour or so!).

I hope that this is helpful...

David Fahrner

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