Re: CH SOLO & OUT 01 modes... PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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Posted by Tom K on September 20, 1997 at 11:47:31:

In Reply to: CH SOLO & OUT 01 modes... PLEASE HELP ME!!!! posted by AHE on September 06, 1997 at 08:19:58:

Set Cakewalk to Automatic Thru mode. (at least that's what it's called in Cakewalk 3.0. It might be called midi echo in your version). OUT1 mode is the right mode.

: I have an original QS connected to a PC with a SB16.
: The seq. program I use is CakeWalk Pro Audio. This is my problem:

: When I set my QS to be in OUT 01 mode, it doesn't work. I mean, the computer gets the midi messages when i play,
: but the QS doesn't play them back (though I have the midi echo ON)... Someone told me my software could be probably re-directing these messages to a different midi channel.
: Is that true? If so, how can i keep cakewalk from doing this?

: Something similar happens when I set my QS in CH SOLO mode... I disconnect the midi echo function of cakewalk, and when i play my keyboard, everything's just fine. But when I record,
: the notes I play seem to be sent to another channel and everything messes up... PLEASE HELP ME!!! I'M DESPERATE

: Thanx in advance,

: O:)

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