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Posted by Mark on July 31, 1997 at 08:47:45:

In Reply to: Re: Forum vs List posted by Rick on July 30, 1997 at 22:25:52:


I do like this idea. My only comment is that I would
like to have a zip file of most (all?) the previous
posts from the mailing list, if anyone has this. I
accidently blew my mail folders away last week and lost
all that good info.....disaster!

Thanks for the tremendous amount of work you do for the
QS products. This is fantastic!


: Well.....if it comes to a vote..I like
: this forum much better.
: In my opinion, more pros than cons.

: My mailbox is getting pretty large.
: With this will be easy to navigate
: and pick subjects to respond to.

: Les.....You've done a GREAT job !!

: In addition to the QS7 being an awesome
: keyboard, your site (with all the tips, info,
: help, etc...) made it all the more easier
: to decide on an Alesis synth.

: Thanks for all your hard work !!

: Rick

: : : I can see that that he Forum medium has a lot of
: : : advantages.
: : : However, the list has at least one non-trivial
: : : advantage for me: since I pay for my home ISP
: : : (aol), I can spend as little as 3 minutes online
: : : and download my daily messages.
: : : After that I go offline and I spend as much time as I want
: : : sorting and sifting.

: : Antoine,

: : I think we could have a mailing list for those who
: : prefer getting the messages by mail. The Forum
: : messages could be sent to them. Most people
: : have easy and unlimited access to the web, and they
: : may want to take advantage of the Forum. The
: : messages here are instantly available, and for
: : everyone intersted, no subscription hassles.
: : The List is getting quite large, and the distribution
: : of messages depends on hundreds of mail servers,
: : many of them not exectly trouble-free.
: : The Forum is also an archive of the past messages,
: : so no one will miss anything, even if their mail
: : server was down for a while. When I see a lot of
: : messages, I will make the searchable by keywords,
: : which will help finding the topics you're interested.
: : I hope I will get more fedback from users, let them
: : decide which one they like better : Forum or List.

: : Les

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