Re: Using pc to control fx Hardware via MIDI?

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Posted by Zeekle on May 16, 2004 at 07:21:32:

In Reply to: Using pc to control fx Hardware via MIDI? posted by mike henderson on May 09, 2004 at 19:00:24:

: Hey all,I have an ART Multiverb LTX which has a MIDI-IN,what I would like to know is in the same way that you can connect an external midi controller [footswitch,keyboard e,t,c] to the Multiverb and control the effects of the Multiverb,then can't I connect the midi-out of a pc to the Multiverb's midi-in and control the effects using the pc's midi software?

: If this can be done,I would appreciate anyon'e advice on how to go about this from here?Which "simple" MIDI software I can use,e.t.c?Thanks.

Hey Mike.. you should be able to record MIDI data, say for eg Controller No 7 (vol) in a sequencer, then on play back the MIDI info should be sent to your Fx device. You need the Control No's for the paramaters your wanting to control and the channels they're recieved on. Hope this is of some help.. bleeding confusing this stuff?!?

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