All synths play the same note (help!)

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Posted by Manuel Tous on May 08, 2002 at 23:43:52:

Here's my setup:
Using Cakewalk 9 as my midi editor on a Windows based PC with a sound blaster live sound card as a midi interphase. I have connected 1 Yamaha DJX (version 1) and 1 Roland JV-1010 Sound Module. The way they are connected is from sound blaster midi out to JV-1010 Midi In, then from JV-1010's MIDI through to the Yamaha's Midi in.
For some reason, when I play a song, even though I have chosed the right port and channel in the cakewalk software (port=soundblaster & channel=JV-1010) the Yamaha plays the same notes. This is fine if you are playing a GM voice, but one I get into the extended library of the JV-1010, the Yamaha still attempts to play the same notes in GM, and that's when the REAL noise begins.

Even when I set up the cakewalk software to play all channels ONLY on the Yamaha (same connectivity as above) both synths still play all the notes, regardless of channel.

There are many things that can be going wrong here, but I'd like to blame either the sound blaster or something I'm missing in the Cakewalk setup.

Any suggestions?


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