shortening a midi song

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Posted by sue on May 08, 2002 at 11:27:11:

I have put together a website for my gardening club and want to have a few bars of "Here Comes THe Sun" play when the website opens. I found the song as a midi and embeded it in my site, and it works, only too well! I could only find the whole song, and it is over 3 minutes long. It will drive my club members nuts to hear it for that long. I have absolutely no experience playing with midis, and just looking at software tutorials for fooling around with them proves it's beyond me. Is there some simple way of having the song fade out after fifteen seconds or so? I have the song set to only play once through, but again, that is over three minutes, WAY too long! Or maybe I could sweet talk some kind soul into doing this for me? I assume it's probably simple to do if you know what your doing, sigh. Thanks, Sue

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