(.lsw .seq .sqf) to *.mid file converter

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Posted by derick on May 07, 2002 at 18:16:27:

I have recently bought a keyboard which is Panasonic sx-kc611. although it reads *.mid (midi files) and plays them with no problem, its when it saves my created music onto floppy disk on its own drive, the music is saved as three different file formats (.lsw .seq .sqf) that I have never heard of before.

the literature with the keyboard says "on play back you can enjoy GM (General Midi) as well as SMF (Standard Midi Files)"

So then are the (.lsw .seq .sqf) files known as (Standard Midi Files) ?

My problem is how can I convert or save it direct to the *.mid midi file format
Is there a converter available to do this once ive saved it ?
Or is there a player that reads these (.lsw .seq .sqf) file formats and gives one the option to save as *.mid ?

please please help


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