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Posted by Les Hennessey (AKA Peter Leslie) on April 26, 2002 at 00:04:41:

In Reply to: Mixdown Aborted ~ The CakeWalk Strikes Back posted by Kain X. on April 25, 2002 at 20:39:16:

:Hey, Kain, how you doin'? I've spent the last few years messing around with what you're doing, so I feel the pain, for sure.
I had a Pent 1 @166 with CW 6, and couldn't mix down any more that a track or two. Not enough processing power - got the same msg. Then got a PII @ 333 MHz, and could mix down maybe four or five tracks. HINT: The more DSP's you have per track, the fewer tracks you can mix down. Reverb and cmprssor are real hogs.
Now have a PIV 1.7GHz, (CWPA 8.04)and can mix down 12 or more tracks. My 333 had 398 Mg RAM, my PIV has 1.2 gig RAM.
So, my solution was to mixdown in stages; do the strings, then other 2-3 tracks apiece, then keep going until it was done. CW folks said I needed more power, and that's it. Makes it hard to EQ the lot and get a good final mix, but it can be done.

I just put up my new site (free) at Have a listen to the demos and let me know what you think of my mixes. New territory for me, but learning as I go.

Best of luck. Tomorrow I'll listen to your stuff also.

All the best in music making

Peter Leslie
(Les Hennessey on this site).

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