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Posted by Damon on April 25, 2002 at 20:04:21:

I am using Reason on a note book and am trying to coordinate a healthy midi to keyboard connection. I have tried 2 USB interfaces and cannot get the sound and notes that Reason captures to happen at the same approximate time as the note is played from my keyboard. I hit a note on the keyboard and the resulting sound happens almost without overlapping the note that was played. Like an echo. I understand this to be a problem called latency. USB is the hot new Midi thing but I have learned that USB is almost 20 times slower than a parallel or serial port connections. How do I go about setting up my system so that the note that is played actually makes a sound at the same approximate time a key note is triggered? Is the problem my USB, or Reason (I have played with the settings to no avail), or my keyboard (cheap Casio but I like it), or something else? Should I pick up a serial or parallel port connection, or is there some adjustment that I can make to fix the problem? Thanks much.

Damon "Gone Midi Mad"

I have a Dell notebook with an 850 chip and 512 Ram and Windows XP.

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