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Posted by Jeremy D. on April 24, 2002 at 10:00:28:

In Reply to: Re: Help with CakeWalk 9 posted by Kain Lacroix on April 23, 2002 at 20:44:23:

: I have Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth and MPU-401. My problem is only in CW as I had CW8 before and all midi worked then. I changed for CW9 since I record a lot of guitars but I can't even get the metronome to play anymore even though I did set it to play while I record (or during playback either).

: All my midi included in cakewalk's patches doesn't work. Putting the notes on the Staff views makes the notes appear but doesn't play.

The first thing I'd check is MIDI Devices on the Tools menu. Do you have the wavetable synth selected as your default MIDI output port? If so, head to Control Panel
and look at Multimedia properties (or something like Sound and audio devices, depending on your version of Windows. Is the right synth selected for MIDI output?

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