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Posted by Jonathan on February 14, 2004 at 05:34:26:

In Reply to: One Man Band version 5.0 posted by Jos Maas on June 29, 2003 at 15:52:25:

: Version 5 of the Yamaha compatible virtual arranger keyboard and style editor can be downloaded at

: Some of the new features are:
: Wave audio in styles for drumloops and rap & shout vocals.
: A mixer window for fast style adjustments and live effect recording.
: Exporting and importing style tracks to produce "morphed" styles.
: Exporting and importing style parts to produce "medley" styles containing variations of different styles.
: Playing chords with MIDI pedals (and having both hands free for melody playing).
: Using Cakewalk .INS files for browsing instrumentbanks.
: Controlling the tempo with a modulation wheel or volume pedal.
: A drumset conversion tool.
: A loader window to load styles and songs in a subsequent manner.
: A split point to allow two different voices to be played with the right hand.
: A tap function for tempo setting.
: Generate track events.
: A controller window with an overview and easy edit of all controllers in all tracks/parts of a specified type.
: Random velocity and control waves for more variety in styles.

: Suggestions for further improvements are welcome.

: Regards,

: Jos Maas

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