Making banks from old controllers | MIDI CC number translation banks

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Posted by Ryan on January 29, 2004 at 03:54:35:

Hi, I'm looking into how I could convert all my hardware knobs on the fly to diffrent CC numbers so they could control more than one thing after switching to a new bank...

I would like to use my knobs/faders/buttons as new banks, as if they were not already assigned, so I could have a switch for bank 1, which I would be able to control my softsynth, then switch to bank 2, where all my knobs would be linked to my software mixer, swich over to bank 3, where I could control some effects.. etc etc - all using the same hardware controllers (knobs/buttons/faders)

I'm just looking around for some software that can translate the CC number of each knob/fader/button to a new unassigned one, for each and every knob/fader/button

Can Midi-ox or any other software do this?
and how would I be albe to switch around the banks easily/quickly, I would prefer to use hardware buttons to do that. But any way at all that anyone can think of is a good start

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