Piano Discovery crashes in Windows 98SE

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Posted by Scott on January 27, 2004 at 00:36:09:

I have the Piano Discovery (version 3.01) running on a Pentium Pro 200 and it has worked well for several years. An installation of another software using Quick Time for Windows caused a conflict of some kind with Piano Discovery and now the program crashes (blue screen of death...) as soon as a note is played. After many hours of removing & reinstalling and trying various fixes, mods, etc., I am about to give up.

I have tried all of the obvious, plus tried tinkering with some of the .ini files, but still get the blue screen or a complete lock up/black out as soon as a note is played. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling Piano Discovery & Quick Time, using a newer version of Quick Time, deleting some of the other programs, etc. but still the blue screen.

I suspect that a registry setting has been changed and uninstalling does not change it back, but that is just a wild guess at this point. Any help, tech contacts, documents, etc. would be greatly appreciated at this point.

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