how to hook up yamaha mu 100r sound generator to g4 w/o soundcard?

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Posted by jerry on January 07, 2004 at 14:03:26:

i have
g4 digital audio, 466 mhz, 1gb ram, no soundcard
technics sx p30 digital piano
yamaha mu 100r sound generator
edirol um 1x midi usb interface

if i hook up my piano direcly to usb thru edirol interface, it plays in reason.

but if i connect piano to my yamaha mu 100r synth and then hook it up, it does nothing. i know that it has some switch on the bac panel, and even if i choose midi or mac option, it does nothing. there is a TO HOST output, but that one is kind of obsolete, because it is a serial port and i dont's have that one, so i got a converter into midi from serial and it doesn'work either.

is there any way, how to hook up this yamaha into usb?

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