Re: Make Jump! Music Discovery Piano work in windows XP

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Posted by Kathy on December 29, 2003 at 13:16:02:

In Reply to: Re: Make Jump! Music Discovery Piano work in windows XP posted by Lancej on December 28, 2003 at 21:36:26:

We also tried adding the PDS fonts to XP without any success. Since they are in the PDS software, I would suspect that they are relying on a system font to be effective. Whatever the problem or solution, I also love this program and would like to be added to any email list that finds the solution
: : I suspect it is a installation program problem. I tried manually adding the Jump music fonts (that actually provide the notes for the screen) because they failed to install, but it still doesn't work.

: I am willing to help fund a solution. PDS is the best s/w of its type that I have tried.

: Below is some more information on the problem. I am pretty certain it is a font problem as you will see. Perhaps some of the font software vendors would be willing to help.

: I also have the "note problem" in XP. PDS comes with two font files and the one that appears to have the notes in it is harmony.ttf. I still have a Win98 machine running with PDS installed so experimented with it.

: I notice that the font files are not installed in the windows font directory (Win98). It appears that the fonts are used directly from the PDS directory. If I rename the harmony.ttf font file in the PDS directory, then my Win98 PDS displays the same "note problem" symptom.

: The other font file (jumptfont.fon) does not seem to affect the note display. I think it is used for annotation on the main PDS screens because those seem to change when I rename the file. Curiously, the program does not complain when harmony.ttf is missing, but it does complain when jumptfont.fon is missing (although it will run anyway).

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