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Posted by Xerol on December 26, 2003 at 22:38:22:

I'm working on an RPG and one of the major elements that I'm responsible for(as part of a seven-person team) is the music in the game. Now, for the world map, I've made several dozen versions of the theme, and for now I've assigned each to a different region of the map. The main idea I eventually want to implement is this: Each track has several different versions. These are assigned to different regions, with the different tracks overlapping. Think of it as a bunch of people sitting in a field with insturments. For each part, each piece of sheet music is slightly different, and the people with the same parts are far apart. Assuming they all stay on-beat, as you move around the field, you've got a constantly changing theme.

Now, here's my problem: Getting this into code. We're using DirectX 8 which has a built in function to play midis. But, what I want to be able to do is have the program itself "generate" the score as the game runs, and then have it pass those generated events onto the midi controller as if the MIDI file were playing but changing. Anyone have any idea how to go about this?

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