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Posted by Bob on December 09, 2003 at 11:07:53:

In Reply to: Re: Unable to record MIDI using external Keyboard posted by al on November 30, 2003 at 08:36:10:

: The same happens with my yamaha keyboard and the midi connection kit. The output is ok but it's imposible to record from the keyboard. I don't really know where the problem is, but I think it could be the mainboard in the computer, since I've test any other hardware and software (including the midi cable) on some other computers and it works fine and... easily!
: Mine is a AK38N mainboard for AMD at 1,67 mhz

First of all I am sorry I didn't reply any sooner.
I was unable to fix the problem I had with the Panasonic Keyboard. Even with a better midi cable, it didn't work properly. So the only solution I had left was to return the Panasonic keyboard mentioning the problem, and I asked for a different one but in the same price range.

I received a Casio keyboard from the distributor later on, model number CTK-671 (which was a bit more expensive). But in this case the keyboard worked like a charm. I had no problems whatsoever. And it also worked with the Midi connection kit and MAGIX music studio.

I still don't understand what the problem was with the Panasonic keyboard, maybe it was just broken, or it could be a design problem, even a compatibility problem. Even so the software, hardware and midi cable worked with the Casio keyboard. My remaining conclusion is that the Panasonic keyboard is faulty in same way or another.

I am sorry I cannot help you here, as I know the frustration you might feel. I only hope someone else can answer your questions.

Best regards,


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