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Posted by Charles Montemayor on December 06, 2003 at 00:13:29:

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I have several pages on my site that contain midi music. Starting with the homepage one hears "Las Mananitas." In the menu on that page you can click on several pages. One of these, "Michoacan Picture Gallery," takes you to a page that conains about 10 thumnails. If you click on the picture of the man and woman holding a butterfly or the woman alone holding a butterfly you get a lilting song. Everything is fine and works. If you return to the homepage and click on "Montemayor Castles in Spain" on the menu you go to a page that has pictures of castles and the midi slide bar but you don't get music. Yet when you are in construction or editing mode and you click on the html for that Castles page you get the music. I have checked carefully and the code on both the homepage and the Castles page I believe are correct. Why else would I get the Castles page and the midi slide bar?

I had an idea that the music for the castles page does not play because there is no pause from the music of the homepage. This is not the situation when one goes from the homepage to the Michoacan Gallery and thence to the butterfly pictures. I changed the midi so that you had to turn it on manually and it still would not play. I am hoping someone can help me. The midi music for the castles page is a fanfare and is quite humorous. Thank you very much.

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