midi tight in Reason but not Sonar?

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Posted by Kyle Zam on November 20, 2003 at 03:34:23:


Anyone have a solution for this one?:

My midi tracks play back a bit behind everything else. I first noticed it while uising Groove Agent. I also had Reason re-wired in. I turned on the click in Reason, and sure enough, the drums were behind by a fraction. Just enough to prevent the tune from grooving. To further test it, I used two identical midi parts in both Sonar and Reason rewired through Reason's drum machine. The first four bars were in SOnar, the next four in Reason. AFter the first four played from Sonar, you could hear a slight 'jump' as the the drum part started to play in Reason. Once I played the click against both parts it was even more evidednt that Sonar was slow, and Reason was in time.

Any hints?

I'm using Sonar 2.0 on a 2 GHz, with a Delta card. LAtency around 5 millisecs.

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