setting up midi in the studio

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Posted by shawndale pugh on November 16, 2003 at 07:54:40:

Hi I am just starting to construct a home recording studio and i am having a hard time mapping out my midi configeration flow sheet. I'm do not understand what goes to out, in , or thru. My studio includes a cpu with a pci card that has a midi in and out, nexti have a midi interface that has 4 in's and 4 out' and 1 thru, then i havea midi controller key board that i wish to control two synth(protus & planet phat) that both have a in and a out and a thru, lastly i have a sampler(mpc1000) that has a in and out. i want my cpu to be the master so when i hit start on the cpu all the equipment play. if any one can give me direction i will be forever gratful. thank future record label ceo sdalepugh.

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