Went from Cakewalk Pro Audio 7.0 to Plasma

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Posted by Bev on November 16, 2003 at 02:24:13:

Hi everyone into the Midi World. I have installed Plasma onto my drive and right now not too happy right now.

Firstly I had saved my original 7.0 version music files into the "Bundle" format. When I try to open these puppies up, it says something like exceeded my "Virtual Buses". I tried to set it to 7 coz that what it showed in the pop-up window exceed "7" and I don't know how to get my files open now. But somehow, it only shows maximum of 2 buses.

2nd, I have a drum machine Roland MC 505. I used to send a signal to trigger from Cakewalk Pro Audio 7.0 the drum machine's (basic pattern beats), where the heck is it in Plasma

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