Transfer True Sounds and Rhythms From External Synthesiser to Computer

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Posted by Austin Isner on October 24, 2003 at 23:01:14:

It seems as if all of the information I find on the Internet is so overwhelming, and I have yet to find a specific answer to my question; in other words I don't want to take the time to search. So, my question is:
I have a RadioShack MD-1121 MIDI Synthesiser. I understand how MIDI works, but I still haven't grasped all of the capabilities of it; technically, I'm a 13 year old beginner. Anyway, I have downloaded numerous third-party software like Anvil Studio and WaveFlow to help initiate or record my jazz songs. I'll use different channels and such to make an elaborate piece. Then, when I play it back, using my computer's instrument bank, the notes correspond in velocity, pitch, timing and such, but the audio quality and realism is like a cheap $10 keyboard's digital reproduction; its just not the same as how well and how real my keyboard replicates sound, like a jazz guitar, or acoustic bass. In other words, or put basically, I want the same exact sounds (and preferrably my preset auto-ryhthms the way they're suppossed to sound along with the auto-accompaniments) I can hear from my 1121-MIDI Keyboard, transferred to my computer as another independent sound bank. I'm just now starting to learn about SoundFont, but I don't know if that is my answer or if it is even related to the matter. If it is, I would like to know what to do to do this. Please explain in simple terms! Thanks

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