I must be really stupic.... on midi

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Posted by boyd on October 22, 2003 at 12:10:28:

I must say I am green to this midi stuff. I'm a musician, mainly guitar, and I find it very easy to record on my computer using Soundforge, or cooleditpro. So now I think I will buy a korg N5ex synth and add other sounds to my music using midi connections. So I connect my korg to my audigy card, install cakewalk and try to record. Well it seems to be much more difficult to record from midi enabled equipment. I get nothing coming in on the software. On cooledit its as simple as playing your instrument into a mic or soundcard going straight to the software, whaere I can physically see the music imput on the graphic monitors. Ive looked everywhere for instructions on how to set up and record with my synth, or any keyboard... but find nothing that is easy to understand. Can someone help me with this please, thanks.

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