ATTN Yamaha S80 Owners: MIDI Controller Question

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Posted by Jonathan King on October 20, 2003 at 15:42:57:

I'm very new to MIDI so bear with my ignorance. I have a Yamaha S80 and I only use it in voice mode. I'm adding a Kurzweil sound module to my setup. When using the S80 internal voices I want the Kurzweil module to receive no signal from the S80. I would, however, like to have a very simple way of switching to using the Kurzweil module sounds by using the Yamaha purely as a controller of the module (I want the S80 internal sounds silent for this). I'd like to designate a specific "MIDI Voice Preset" on the S80 so I can just press one button to accomplish the change. There is master utility MIDI functions to set the local on/off, change MIDI ch, etcetera globally, however I can find no independent MIDI menu for each voice. Maybe I'm on the wrong track. I just want a simple solution for toggling between the S80 internal voices only and the Kurzweil module voices only without pressing a series of buttons or adjusting volume levels. One button press would be ideal. I don't want both the S80 and Kurzweil module sounding at the same time. What do you suggest??


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