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Posted by tarsha on October 13, 2003 at 00:48:45:

In Reply to: Re: MIDI through headphones, but not speakers posted by Komander Keyboards on June 15, 2003 at 14:46:54:

: :
: : Hey all,

: : Just installed my new Audigy II Platinum card, and everything seems to be working great except for a MIDI problem.

: : I have a keyboard plugged into the MIDI IN, and it works fine... I have the MIDI out going to an external roland sequencer which also works great. The trouble is, while I can record with the keyboard and play back thru the sequencer, I can't get any MIDI sound to come out thru the LINE OUT, i.e. to my speakers along with the rest of the computer sound. The weird part is, I can hear the music fine through the headphones, but nothing through the speakers unless I go MIDI OUT through the sequencer first.

: : I would really like to try some other Sound Fonts on this thing, which I have been hearing thru my headphones but can't get to come through the speakers. Anyone know what I can do to fix this?

: Hey Newbie Luke, First: You say that you can hear through your headphones but where are they plugged into when you can hear? The Line-Out jack? or other?

: Second: In Windows 98, go Start> Settings> Control Panel> Multimedia and check that the "Audio" tab under "Playback-Preferred device" shows your soundcard in the window. If not, click the pulldown arrow and select your soundcard or one of the other items and try that setting.

: Third: Also when in the Multimedia window, click the "Devices" tab and then click the plus-box to the left of "Audio Devices", your soundcard should show up
: there. Double-click and see that it says that it's status is "Driver is enabled and active" and that "use audio features on this device" is selected.

: Please reply back if this worked or didn't.
: Thanks, KK

hello about your speakers u probblay need new speakers try to buy some cheap ones for about 10.00 dollars and see then if it works.

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