PC + Extigy = enough items to make sound from Akai MX73?

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Posted by Oliver on September 28, 2003 at 02:13:30:


After scrounging around my recently deceased father's home music studio, I have come away with a "Creative Extigy Soundblaster" device and an Akai MX73 MIDI keyboard thinking that with these two together I might be able to make some music with the keyboard. I've installed the Extigy software on my PC and can play audio files, so I figure that's up and running. I've also got a MIDI connector running from the keyboard MIDI-out to the Extigy MIDI-in, but as far as what application to run and how to set it to get sound from a keyboard, the Extigy manual offers no advice. Should I even be able to get sounds out of the Akai + Extigy + PC, or do I need a separate synthesizer too? It would be a help just to know that. If I do have everything I need, I wonder if somebody could give me any advice on getting this going. Thanks for any help.

- Oliver

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