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Posted by metalmike on September 26, 2003 at 23:35:48:

In Reply to: No MIDI out port in XP posted by Tunesmith on September 23, 2003 at 11:27:51:

: I have PC with VIA AC'97 onboard sound and XP. I can't detect a MIDI out port neither in XP nor in Cubasis etc. Game port is there but no MIDI. Have installed all necessary drivers. Can't therefore use MIDI keyboard for playback or input. Anyone help?

If you don't have a gameport hookup you won't have any MIDI output from your PC. It is completely different from regular audio output. I run mine thru a SBLive gameport to my Korg Karma. You will probably have to turn off on-board audio via BIOS and get a good sound card. Audigy 2 External (not the internal model if you want to do 24/96 recording as the internal doesn't record that high) or a DMX 6Fire (which I am currently looking at) or some of the MAudio boards are pretty good from what I've read ($150+ for a good sound card for the PC to do pro-sounding audio recording).

I need to get a MIDIMan 4x4 so I can hook up my Yamaha S03 again in case I want to use it in conjunction with the Karma at the same time. Not that I am that talented...just so I can run either/or when I want to. I just hate the cost of cables! Too much IMHO for what you get.


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