sound from PC through X5DR

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Posted by Matthew duck on September 25, 2003 at 05:44:51:

I have recently purchased an X5DR module, and am very happy with the sounds I get theough using my midi controller keyboard, however I have been unable to set-up the module to 'play' midi files created in Cubase on the pc.

The keybopard connects to the computer via usb, and I dont seem to have any trouble inputting midi data.

To output the sound I have a cable connecting the 15 pin joystick port directly to the X5DR midi in socket (with no midi interdace, is this a valid method?), although I dont know if this cable is midi specific. Can there be different types of 15 pin to 6 pin din leads? (I am not sure where I got this cable, possibly with an external modem, possibly with a TV ?).

Anyway, when I play back the midi files I cannot create any sound. Can youy tell me exactly what I need to do? Do I require a midi interface, or can I get away without using one?

Looking forward to your response,



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