Midi problems with Motu 828 mkII firewire soundcard

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Posted by macuser on September 20, 2003 at 19:40:29:

A few days ago i recieved my newly bought MOTU 828 mkII and i have a technical problem with my midi settings. the soundcard is detected to be on in the OSX midi configurations screen. The problem is that the midi setup is grayed out in Audiodesk (the program wich came with the soundcard). I cannot choose midi as a recording source nor is midi apparent anywhere in the program. I have double-checked all of the connections between the hardware. Could it be a conflict between the default midi files which came with the computer and motu's midi files? How do fix that in such case?

I'm running mac OSX on a 1,25 G4. The synthesizer i'm using is a Korg MS2000.

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