e-mu Sound Engine & Windows

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Posted by Karl Zemlin on September 11, 2003 at 14:54:55:

A real Midi Noobee here. Picked up an e-mu Sound Engine module on ebay for cheap. Just want to mess around. I have been able to change some of the settings via sysex commands, but some of the stuff continues to elude me.

I cannot access any of the non-standard drum sets. I have not found a way to control the onboard effects (reverb, for example) - I have not tried sysex commands for that, but I'm hoping for a much easier way to do that.

Is there some freeware or inexpensive (less than $50US) commercial or shareware Windows software that knows how to control this puppy. If I can access all the features without becoming an expert in sysex commands that would be real nice.

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