Connecting 2 portables to a Roland DR

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Posted by Ben on September 07, 2003 at 05:09:18:


I want to use 2 portables to play samples (with FL studio) live. They never play together, but I switch between them between songs to reduce loading times. I use the MIDI out signal from FL studio to send the MIDI signal to a Boss DR5. This triggers a clicktrack for our drummer, which he gets in his headphones. We did this before with 1 portable through a USB - MIDI interface (Roland Edirol UM-1S). The problem is that the Boss DR has only one MIDI in, so connecting two protables straight to the DR5 is impossible and the USB - MIDI interface has no MIDI through. I was wondering if the drummer gets the right signals if I connect to each portable this USB - MIDI interface, then connect the MIDI out from portable 2 interface to the MIDI in from the portable one interface, and the MIDI out from the portable 1 interface to the MIDI in from the DR5. Will the MIDI signal from portable 2 get to the Roland DR?
Any advise is welcome - what's the best way to do this? Thx!


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