SB AWE 64 Value capable of sequencing custom soundfonts?

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Posted by Olivier on September 03, 2003 at 09:00:31:

Hy everybody!

I've got a Roland EM-15 keyboard connected to my win98SE pc (P2 333, 64MB) with a Soundblaster AWE 64 Value card. This card supports soundfonts, and has Vienna included. I can't load any soundfonts in the card manually though, as a thing like the Soundblaster HQ didn't exist at the time this card was made. But as my card plays custom soundfonts (with limited memory capacity) in Vienna, I wondered whether it was possible to load a custom soundfont in MIDI/audio sequencers like Logic fun or Sonar 2.2XL. I already tried a lot, but things like software synthesisers and stuff all didn't work.
Anybody who can tell me whether my card is capable of doing it and how? And a second question, how do I bounce MIDI tracks to *.wav in Logic, cause all I can bounce right now are the audio tracks, or save midi as *.MID. Via Wave Studio from Soundblaster it works, but I get a a bit less quality that way. Thanks in advance, Olivier

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