soundcard HELP!??

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Posted by carl Broman on September 02, 2003 at 23:42:20:

hi there, im just about to invest in a soundcard for the first time and im looking at either the audiophile 2496, or the M-Audio Delta 66. I dont have much experience with MIDI but Ive read a lot about both the cards and im hoping for that extra bit of quality with the delta 66 with less cable noise, but my dilema is NO MIDI inputs.. i would need it to plug in a mixer i think? is there any adapter option that isnt one of the $300 extra pro style ports? just a simple adapting cord that can be used directly through the delta 66??

and if there is no option is it really worth still getting the delta 66, or just sticking with the audiophile?? any advice would be great. thanks

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